"From the quiet of dawn to the callings of the forest. The eternal flowing voices of the river and the whispers of the wind. We pass moments in semblance with nature, understanding her messages hidden beneath the tapestry of time, technology and terrestrial activity..."
Planète Hypnotique is a quarterly transmission conceived by artist, producer & sound recordist Mat Eric Hart exploring hidden dimensions in sound that exist in the world around us.  Tune in and discover a seamless soundscape of nature, humans, spirits & spaces featuring contributions from artists, recordists and listeners worldwide
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Episode 3 - Spring 2022

1 Punahattu - Lau Nau

Buoyant - Annea Lockwood

Rhodope Mountains - rustic kitchen, after heavy rain, shortly resuming - Jeff Gburek

Car Parts Cooling at Different Rates in Jamestown - Eli Neuman-Hammond

5 Sub Pelagic Voices - Jana Winderen

Los peces cantan un himno a los campos magnéticos - vuelven a ser ondas sobre el agua - Martha Riva Palacio

Langholtsfjara - Magnus Bergsson

Wind Mistral - Barbentane - Colin Hunter

Alberta Wavering Tones - Stephen P. McGreevy

10 Frogs at Night - Jared Blake

11 The flooded pastures came to life one night in early spring - Hendrik Walcher

12 Concert de Pic - Vincent Pourchaire

13 Bali Night Orchestra - Jesse Paul Miller

14 Watershed - Cheryl E. Leonard

15 Lough Derg - Mat Eric Hart


Episode 2 - Winter 2021

1 At Anchor, Falling Asleep Listening To Seals Deep Underwater - David de la Haye

Mandrać - Manja Ristić

Tidal Dwellers - Pablo Diserens

Cave Droplets, Gorges de Régalon, Luberon - Mat Eric Hart

5 Intimacy of lichens - Mélia Roger

Snowy Morning - Eisuke Yanagisawa

Small pond in huge mountain valley - Ivo Vicic

Wadi coming to life - Sander Pieterse

Nancyaga, Veracruz, Mexico - Maria Ponce

10 Minho - Melissa Pons

11 Medicinal Moonlight - Loren Chasse

12 Boreal Shrubland, Heavy Rain Deciduous Night Distant Soothing Water - Thomas Rex Beverly

13 Cliff Walk - Shane Byrne

14 Le Bras Du Glacier - Mathieu Bonnafous

15 Blue Mermaid - Dave Webb

16 Terceira Island - Úrsula Bravo

17 Earthloops - Tom Scott

18 Side A (Zapping (Station to Station) - Leo Okagawa

19 Elegy for Bangalore - Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

20 Between Gare de l’Est and the Seine - Kate Carr

21 Porch Hash Logbook, 10:00 PM Evening Chorus - Brian Grainger

22 Bosconi Sphere - Elisabetta Senesi


Episode 1 - Autumn 2021

1 Evening Bonshō at Dokeiji Temple - Minamisoma, Fukushima, Japan - Mat Eric Hart

Cicadidae en Provence - Mat Eric Hart

Presque Rien N°2 Ainsi Continue La Nuit Dans Ma Tête Multiple - Luc Ferrari

La Forêt des Cèdres, Luberon, France - Mat Eric Hart

5 Lavender Bees, Plateau de Valensole, Provence, France - Mat Eric Hart

River Voices - Mat Eric Hart

Dohara-no-taki, Mt.Chokai, Yamagata, Japan - Mat Eric Hart

The River - Lawrence English

Serrinha do Alambri Toads Singing - Félix Blume

10 Les Calanques, Provence, France - Mat Eric Hart

11 Rain Recording No.23 - Natalia Beylis

12 Suikinkutsu - Mat Eric Hart

13 岬 promontory - Shuta Hiraki

14 Ofuna Kannon-ji, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan - Mat Eric Hart

15 Orage Gardois - Mat Eric Hart

16 Skipping Vinyl - Mat Eric Hart

17 Tamanoi Clock - Mat Eric Hart

18 La Sainte Victoire - Mat Eric Hart

19 Haguro Shugendō - Mat Eric Hart

20 Dokeiji Temple Ambience, Minamisoma, Fukushima, Japan - Mat Eric Hart

21 Morning Bonshō at Dokeiji Temple, Minamisoma, Fukushima, Japan - Mat Eric Hart