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Commissioned soundscape using field recordings made during a series of public field recording workshops organised in partnership with the Bibliothèques de Marseille in September 2023.

Located on the city limits of Marseille, bordering the frontier between the city’s 8ᵉ arrondissement and the hills of Marseilleveyre, La Campagne Pastré offers a gateway for hiking enthusiasts towards the national Parc de Calanques - a prehistoric stretch of beautiful, wild and rugged terrain that elegantly caresses the Mediterranean coast between Marseille and Cassis. 

This lush green space with its wild character and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation submerses the senses in another world — away from the chaos, conundrums and congestion of the city. Those very same souls found roaming the streets find respite and solace here amongst the shaded pines. Cicadas sing, mountain birds chirp and the Mistral wind strokes the treetops as the rings and rumbles of civilisation fade beneath the tranquil tones of the forest.

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