A collection of past works, projects, collaborations, commissions and personal explorations in sound & nature.

Prepared soundscapes using field recordings made during a series of field recording workshops exploring the sound worlds of trees. p

Presented by Mat Eric Hart and organised by Phonurgia Nova in partnership with the Bibliothèque Départementale CD13 Bouches-du-Rhòne.

Held at the Médiathèque Municipale Marc Mielly in Noves, Médiathèque Isidore Rollande in Châteaurenard and Médiathèque of Saint Martin de Crau.




If a tree falls in a forest, and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Caroline Steel speaks to experts in hearing, biology, philosophy, physics and sound design, which takes her to some unexpected places. Professor Stefan Bleek is an expert in psychoacoustics who says that sounds only exist in our heads. Dr Eleanor Knox and Dr Bryan Roberts are philosophers that make her question if anything exists outside our own perception. Professor Lilach Hadany wonders if it’s limited to humans and animals - could other plants hear the falling tree too? And Mat Eric Hart is a sound designer who says that sound is subjective – it’s always tangled up with our own interpretations. Things get truly weird as we delve into the strange implications of quantum physics. If there is such a thing as reality, doesn’t it change when we’re there to observe it?

Does the tree even fall if we aren’t there? Presented by Caroline Steel and produced by Anand Jagatia for the BBC World Service.



A collaboration between the organic Provençal brasserie Aquae Maltae and the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) and the Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Wildlife based in Buoux (Luberon).

Directed by Camille Ai

 Music & Sound by Mat Eric Hart 



"Air cannot be seen, but can be felt by its movement. This installation is an instrument that makes the air element palpable. The movement of the pendulums are triggered by wind that pushes the leaflike panels at the top. Once the pendulum is in motion, it creates differing lights, sounds, and wind prompting unique experience for each visitor." [Archicomplex]

Emmanuel Mieville, Kwan Queenie Li, Satria Adiyasa Anggapradja, Ghoniyya Hamida, Joseph Kamaru Mwangi, Christina Hazboun, Levi C Masuli, Tini Aliman, Miguel Buendia, Heu Heu, Pipatpong Seepeng, Emma-Kate Matthews, Luke Poulson, Mat Eric Hart, Frances Ulman, Sarah King [sculpted + produced by MSCTY_STUDIO]



Shortlisted for the "Best Artificial Sound" category of the Sound of the Year Awards 2020 presented by The Museum Of Sound in partnership with The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

"I imagine this sound to be what we would hear if we could poke our heads under the ground and submerge our ears in the deep root network of trees. I have often attempted to record the sounds of trees, and even recently have been leading field recording workshops exploring this very practice. Though the practice is often challenging! With this sound, I wanted to create a space that would sound natural, despite its artificial nature. The source of this sound was created using a single contact microphone placed on the central stem of a pine cone. With my fingers I manipulated the scales, much like a kalimba player would to play the instrument. I then used an array of multiple effects in editing, including reverb, time stretching and frequency modulation to create the finished sound."



Sound recordist for this episode of the Talent Takes Practice podcast, produced by New Era Ingenious Ltd. featuring guest contributor Cesc Fabregas. Recorded on location in Monaco, France.



Sound editor for A Breath of Fresh Tea podcast, produced by Martyn Fowler, Oliver Rabie, Jay Catalano and Leon Johnson.



Radiophonic piece for the 2021 International Sound Art Festival "60 Secondes Radio"


I once visited an old traditional Japanese ryokan inn named Tamanoi, in the small seaside town of Tsuyazaki, Fukuoka.
Whilst there, I was graced with the presence of its owner - Mr. Fuminori Abe - and whilst recording our conversation, I noticed a beautiful sound world unfolding around us. In the near stillness, close to silence, this old inn seemed to breathe. I began to feel a kind of presence; a spirit of place. With this work I wanted to explore this experience using only recordings made during this brief interview, evoking this mysterious communication between worlds.



Original sound design, foley and score by Mat Eric Hart.

Interpretation of Ridley Scott's original Alien (1979) opening sequence.



Webradio station Radio Zaï based in Aix-en-Provence launched in Spring 2021.

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