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as i drifted from this world i could feel my body disappearing. the gentle pull of the ocean was calling me to soften. to live these final breaths peacefully. i am submerged. i awake deep in the forest. the familiar sound of gentle birdsong guides me within. i find a clearing. there lies a broken stone temple. dark moss green. four fairy sisters emerge their flesh pink and sweet. bathed in ambient moonlight. they sing in whispered tones as they pirouette around me. enchanted i pick up my guitar and begin to play. slowly the forest quietens as the rhythm of my hands and the strings of the guitar grow. now i am thirsty. to my left is an old saloon bar. dusty in the orange light. there are some characters gathered with spurs on their boots. i feel the dry heat as i sip the cool liquid of something unknown. the band in the corner of the room are drifting away from me. i find myself flying over the desert. searching the earth for souls to bring with me on my journey. am i an eagle? endless dust. at last i have reached the end of the desert. the black waves i hear roaring but cannot see. i am floating now. there is no desert anymore. there is no world. the distant hum i hear calling and john is standing at the gates of heaven. i am on the other side. the room i am in has walls but i cant reach out and touch them. thought is suspended. light falls everywhere softly. there are no dark shadows here. it is as if i am not real. i enter a great hall. the great ballroom of heaven under a cathedral of stars. colours in symphony. all souls are found. slow dancing for all eternity. elvis smokes as we watch the formation of a new star outside on the balcony. i walk along a path which takes me through crystal doors. the room beyond is pure white. made of some kind of stone or element i have never known before. i can hear the world beneath my feet. rainbow light refracts crystal roses of gold and blue. a man is seated by a grand piano on a platform in the centre of the room. he wears a white tuxedo. he lifts his head smiles and says...


''well now...''


''i guess you finally have your answer...''

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